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A bit about Bryan

Well, we have all heard the saying many times, but it's not until something goes really wrong in our lives, that we realise the most important things in life are our family and our friends.

In June 2014, Bryan was diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease. The hardest part of this diagnosis is that no doctor or specialist can explain how you develop this disease. They also can't offer you any treatment, because there aren’t any.

I guess you just have to learn to accept it and then learn to live with it, which is extremely hard for the person who has been diagnosed. 

The number of people living with MND at any one time is approximately seven in every 100,000. Statistics state that there are no more than 5,000 people with this disease in the UK at any one time.

It seems ironic that one of our dear friends, Ian Montgomery, passed away from the same disease over ten years ago.  For all of those who knew Ian and know Bryan, to hear such news again, was, in all honesty, quite devastating.

As long as I have known Bryan, he has always been willing to support and raise money for good causes. When Ben mentioned that he wanted to organise an event which could raise a considerable amount of money for the MND society, I was shocked yet thrilled! Only a World Wide Sires guy would plan to ride a bike from John O' Groats to Land’s end!  (totally lost the plot). 

Of course, how can I sit and watch, (what is good for the goose is good for the gander) but one day will be quite enough for me thanks!

Bryan is so proud to see this charity event take shape and to know that his family, friends and customers will help to raise as much money as they possibly can.

Farming has been in Bryan’s blood for his whole life and he has travelled to many countries across the world, taking customers on farming tours, visiting international shows and judging at prestigious events.

He has always admired his favourite four legged animals and has also admired a few two legged ones as well! Linear scoring both cows and women has given him great amusement over the years, along with the rest of the WWS UK evaluators team.

We have always worked as a team, as we have always believed, in both our personal and professional lives, that working together gives us great strength and understanding.  His work as a consultant selling to dairy farmers has been a very fulfilling part of life with endless banter with the farmers, whom have become great friends and extended to customers sons and daughters over the years.  We have enjoyed so many weddings, party celebrations and dinner and dances over the years that it has been a never ending event calendar, leaving the children thinking they were the ones missing out on all the fun!

Bryan is extremely proud of his extended family, each and every one of them. The grandchildren have him wrapped around their little fingers already, especially the girls (the natural female ability).

We know the road ahead will be difficult, but the love, friendship and help that surrounds Bryan will be what gets him though.

For anyone whom wants to take part in the challenge to raise money for this wonderful association, we will be so very grateful! We hope that with the money raised one day doctors will know WHY you get this disease and find a CURE for it. 

Thank You! - your support means the world to all of us, Marion Challenor (Bryan's Wife)

Cycling for Bryan - Raising Money for Charity

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